Friday, June 5, 2009

Home Staging; Presenting your home for sale

The phenomena of Home Staging is really gaining momentum.

The presentation of your home in a decluttered, first impression curb appeal prospective has been heightened with the strategic inclusion of the Home Designer Stager in the presentation of your home.

The best tips for you are to include a home consultation, to look at paint colours, display and first impressions. But have you considered pets and home odors?

The video provides some useful tips and sound advice when considering selling your home.

The rules are simple;  If you are not doing the most to sell your home, you are in fact selling your neighbours listing.

I am investigating industrial scent removers and how they can be applied to improve/ eliminate home smoking and cooking smells. If you have used these scent "pucks" I would like to hear your experiences.

Your comments are always invited.

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