Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Internet Advertising for Real Estate

An interesting article entitled ‘Papers losing real estate ads to online’ appeared on the Globe and Mail – Report on Business website, which talks about how real estate advertising dollars are moving away from print and onto the Internet.

Media industry analyst Mike Simonton of Fitch Ratings says, “The threats from the Internet are real. Newspaper advertising should remain under pressure until newspapers are better able to address the threat of online advertising.”

“Representatives of several major real estate franchisors said in interviews that many home sellers still see newspaper advertising as an essential component of selling a home, but that younger brokers, home sellers and buyers are clearly more focused on using the Internet.”

In the same article, Blanche Evans, editor of Realty Times, says “As home-buyers flock online, it’s also tough on realtors, since home-buyers are becoming accustomed to seeing extensive colour photos, descriptions of the neighbourhood as well as video tours of the property — all of which costs money to produce.”

Single property websites are an easy and affordable way to address these issues in that they create a powerful ‘link’ between print (including yard signs) and Internet advertising.

An easy-to-remember domain name seen in a newspaper or posted on a yard sign will increase the liklihood of a visit the property on the Internet. Plus, the domain name takes the potential buyer directly to the property details, with no distraction from other listings. Sellers will love this concept and the time-sensitive consumer will also appreciate it.  

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David Pylyp: The domain Name can easily be the Home address Dot com. The key is understanding the technology.

Virtual Tours are then embedded into the webpages and also the MLS listing so that shoppers can get a real perspective of the exterior front, exterior rear yard, and key interior living areas. The video tours on a recent listing out numbered the MLS.ca views 2:1. Absolute prooof for me that the technology is effective.

Sign Calls and property inquiries can be directed to the online webpages and video tours to qualify the prospects that are touring properties. This saves time for me, but also brings a more focused buyer through the property.

Combining these features with a strong website will get your listing noticed. It would seem that the days of your weekend printing in a local newspaper are no longer the most effective way to bring fresh eyes to your home. FLASH presenters can be prepared and emailed to your address book of friends and associates, further extending the reach out to potential buyers.

If you are considering a sale, I would like to be interviewed to discuss your marketing plan and future home.

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