Thursday, June 18, 2009

First time buyer? Time to divorce your landlord and say, "I do" to real estate!

We understand how difficult it can be when you've never purchased a home before. For women especially, it can be a real internal struggle. If you are single, you must make all of the important decisions alone, so you need to seek as much information as you can find about the whole process. You want to deal with people you can rely on and who have the knowledge and experience to cut through all the gobbledygook and give you the information you need for peace of mind.

Let us help you. Being women, we understand the needs of women. We have years of experience in mortgages and with over 40 lenders, we can find you the mortgage that offers you security and the best rate. Call us now at 1-888 372-7367 and see why Mortgages for Women is a woman's best choice for mortgages.

I was graciously invited to a morning meeting with Marcy Berg of Mortgages4Women this morning at the Grenedier Restaurant in High Park in Toronto. The entire conversation was consumed with the benefits of women dealing with Trusted Business Advisors with their life plan, goals and decision making process.

Marcy shared some interesting details with me about the demographics of the group she serves. They are; an average of early 30's with property ownership aspirations but tend to live in the 905 and work in the 416. They are aware that real estate is the best form of equity acquisition in the long term.

Marcy Berg has assembled an entirely female staff of Financial Planners, Mortgage Brokers, and Lawyers, to advise you correctly about what is proper and appropriate for you as a five and ten year plan. Those especially effected are women with nearly college age children that need post divorce financial understanding and explanations.

Marcy and I met during the course of one of my video's about; Common Law Do you need his permission to sell the house. No you don't. This was a candid conversation, Q&A with Stan Gelman Lawyer Mississauga

This relationship has developed to "How can we jointly provide value to Readership and Ultimately our Clientelle". Marcy has recently acquired commercial space at 401 Bay Street, Toronto to be in heart of the Financial District of Toronto. With onsite staff and financial planners readily available for appointments, women can slip in during the work day to have their matters attended to.

The Mortgages 4 Women Group will attend with your financial planning assessments, portfolio reviews, mortgage applications and choices, assistance with First Time Buyers, Debt Consolidation and Business for Self.

David Pylyp works in the west sections of Toronto including Bloor west Village, Roncesvalles Village, the Humber Bay Shore Community and points west into Mississauga and Oakville. David be reached directly at 647 218 2414

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