Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Ultimate Man's Garage

How far would you go to create the ultimate man's garage?  Truly your own space.

As I looked through pictures to add to this piece I found myself silently Grunting Like Tim the Tool Man Taylor. That show still makes me laugh.

What sense of community have we lost by not having a male community to tweek, fuss and tinkering about with our cars in the garage on a Saturday morning.  Fender mats intact with our kids watching and learning, bonding time with Dad.  Has it been lost on an entire generation consumed with video games? 

If you need a place to make friends, rekindle a relationship with past friends or new neighbours maybe the ultimate man's garage is in your future.

1st Choice Garage Outfitters, has been assisting home owners organizing their garages, and adding real selling value to their home at the same time.  I encourage you to visit their website  and learn how easy and cost effective it really is to dress up the garage, before listing it for sale.  Their clients have been telling them how amazed people are when they see the space saving possibilities, as well as how beautiful their garage can really be. With some cabinetry, overhead storage, and wall organizing the garage can soon become the most organized room in the home.  If you throw in some decorative flooring and some accessories and we can make your garage the most interesting room to be in. 

Decorative flooring can be tiles linked together or textured paint. The choices and colours are truly limitless. Racedeck flooring, Epoxy finishes or Locking Tiles.

Sure we could use some shelving and overhead storage. That' s pretty standard stuff. But what about a car lift to stack your prized car out of reach. An actual lift right in your space.

So if you would like a garage updated, I suggest you give them a call or email

If you need a house with a garage attached that is suitable for improvement in the Toronto west (GTA) I would like to hear from you.   Send me an email

Maybe you would like to share your dream of the ultimate man's garage. But, you do know that it is for you and not the resale value or the increased demand it would make for your home.

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