Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sweet Smells of Home Baked Cookies in Bloor West

Sweet Flour Bake Shop, the first customized, made-to-order bakery has sweetened up Toronto’s Bloor West Village, creating an affordable yet decadent experience during a hard-to-swallow economic time. 

Bringing customers back to sweeter days, is Sweet Flour’s founder and cookie-lover Kim Gans, who has created a signature baking process that allows you to design your ideal cookie. The perfect customized cookie is created by choosing from gourmet doughs and over 20 decadent mix-ins.  Customers can watch their cookie being mixed by Sweet Flour staff and get their warm and delicious cookie baked for them in just two minutes. 

“At Sweet Flour Bake Shop, we pay tribute to the cookie,” said Gans.  “There is nothing quite like the decadent goodness of a cookie just out of the oven.  We want everyone to enjoy that simple pleasure that makes you stop to say “Mmm” and savour the moment.” 

Sweet Flour Bake Shop’s warm, inviting atmosphere provides the perfect place for sharing yummy moments with family and friends, or for simply taking a personal moment. 

And the made-to-order cookie is just a morsel of what Sweet Flour offers.  There is something to suit everyone’s taste, including customizable muffin tops, cookie sandwiches and house-made granola.  Supporting local products, Sweet Flour baked goods are made only from the finest fresh ingredients.  Customers can enjoy glass bottled Ontario organic milk and fresh brewed Ideal coffee, a local coffee roaster. 

The delicious freshly baked cookie can be enjoyed in the comfort of Sweet Flour Bake Shop or customers can bring the “yum” home to family and friends – all baked goods are available for grab and go. 

Sweet Flour will add flavour to the Bloor West Village pedestrian promenade when they are serving fresh baked goods through a huge double door that opens the whole storefront at 2352 Bloor Street West.  

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