Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Decorating is for Living - Staging is for Selling

Why Should you Invest in Home Staging?

A study by the National Association of Realtors in 2007 showed that 84% of today’s busy home buyers use the internet as a major tool in their home search. Buyers view online photos & virtual tours of properties in their desired location & price range to come up with a short list to actually view. If the buyer is not enticed, by the pictures or during a drive by, chances are they will not view the house & if they don’t view your house, they’re not going to buy it.

You can’t change its location or size but you can enhance its presentation. As soon as the sign goes up, your agents job starts; the appraisal is done, photos are taken, feature sheets are prepared, & marketing beings, to show off your house on the real estate agents tour, open houses, viewings & advertising. You know the expression; “you only have one chance to make a first impression”.

Your house is probably your biggest investment, & you want to maximize your return on investment & protect your equity. Should your house remain on the market for an extended period of time, the cost of Home Staging would have been much less than a price reduction, additional mortgage payments, taxes, insurance & utility bills, not to mention the inconveniences & stress of not being able to move on with your life.

When to Stage your House?
  • Before The Sign Goes Up.
  • Before the appraisal is done, so it will appraise for top dollar.
  • Before the sign goes on the lawn, so you have the competitive advantage, sell for more money in less time.
  • Before the photos are taken, or a great first impression to entice Buyers to view your house
  • Before the features sheets are prepared, to capture & highlight your houses best selling features.
  • Before the real estate agents tour, to entice Agents to show your house to their Buyers.
  • Before open houses and viewings, to appeal to the widest range of Buyers & they will see your Pride of Ownership,
  • Before money is spent on advertising or marketing.
What A Home Staging Consultant will do for you.

An honest, unbiased look at the house through the eyes of the most critical buyer - then give their professional opinion

Highlight & enhance the houses selling features & minimize negative
Enhance functionality & visual flow
Address the furniture layout, scale & proportion, balance & harmony, lighting, traffic flow, focal points, room function & repairs to consider
Address colour, accessories, pictures and their placement
Have your house appeal to the more mainstream tastes of potential Buyers
Respect your individual situation, timeframe & budget
Make the potential Buyers all important first impression memorable
Critique & make recommendations, room by room, as well as curb appeal
Prioritized step by step assessment of recommendations & suggestions to get your house ready for sale
Maximize your return on investment & protect your equity with an honest, unbiased & professional opinion.
In the end, it is you that will decide what recommendations will be implemented and by whom.


Consultation includes an in-depth room by room evaluation listing all improvements & recommendations.
A prioritized action plan check list with suggested furniture layouts, ideas for decluttering, repairs, depersonalizing, color schemes & accessorizing personalized for your house. An action plan & tips & suggestions for home & curb appeal, a shopping list & trade list as per your needs.
After the consultation you will be aware of all the things that you can do to enhance your house in preparation to for sale to get the greatest return on your investment.
  • Staging Work
  • Showcasing
  • Staging for Living (Decorating & Design) Consultation
  • Move in Service Consultation
  • Senior Services & Facility Transition
  • Vacant Home Staging
  • Gift Certificates

I invite you to contact Lydia Pollard 905 272 4764 or email Lydia@Ownerspride.ca for a home staging staging consultation. http://ownerspride.ca

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