Saturday, April 18, 2009

Garbage Garbage Everywhere Toronto the Good

Toronto will soon be refusing to pick up the overflow bottles, cans and newspapers that don’t fit in the city’s new recycling bins – the latest in a series of changes to the curb-side collection program that require the cooperation of befuddled residents.

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David Pylyp I do try to recycle. I try to make things fit into the blue bin. But some weeks....

What struck me from this article is the comments section that was followed and then an interesting nugget.

"Curbside recycling - another "green dream" pushed down our throats by the environmentalists. See "Is Recycling A Waste Of Time" on YouTube with Thomas Deichmann ( There are much better ways to deal with our trash, but of course we're stuck with the ones that cost the most, do the least, and shut the greenies up."

"Yet another good reason not to live in Toronto the Taxed. Why have Torontonians become sheep and let this council play social engineering all of the time. Isn't their job to be good stewards of the taxes they collect? Instead they are constantly looking for new, expensive, and crazy ways to regulate your lives.

This council still refuses to fulfill one of their primary jobs: garbage collection. If there is garbage still on the street after the garbage truck runbles on, they have failed to do the job they have collected your taxes for! Get upset."

Where is the nugget of interest in all this? In the video ...

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