Wednesday, May 14, 2008 moving to will be revamped on May 28th. Finally interactive mapping will be available. We will see if they actually make some significant improvements.

On May 28th, 2008, will be introducing some new features to the web site on behalf of REALTORS® across Canada. The result will be an even better real estate resource, with more information about the properties displayed on the site.The first change will be the introduction of interactive mapping. You'll be able to use Microsoft Virtual Earth software on the site to determine your search area, and to determine where a property is located. Interactive mapping will make it much more convenient to search traditional neighbourhoods or a specific region.The web site will also have a new streamlined text search. You'll be able to input your initial search criteria without all of the details of an Advance Search. The site will still offer the detailed or Advance Search option, but also has a streamlined text version to make looking for properties even more convenient.There will be a new look, or design. The traditional REALTOR® map is still a key part of the web site, but the new layout will make it easier to look for properties and information.And there will be a new address - Don't worry, you don't have to memorize it. You'll automatically be redirected to the new address even if you input our old one.

Yet it is still interesting to me why the consuming public's appetite does not draw them to an Agent's website portal. The Elegant Homes and Humber Bay Shore websites contain this feature.

MLS data is inevitably delayed and filtered for content and permission, by the home owner at the time of the listing. A portal permits viewing of ALL the listings in live time. This means that properties listed in a fast moving neighbourhood are available immediately rather than [days] later.

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