Monday, May 12, 2008

Location of your new home

At this weekend's open houses I heard a concern that had not been as vocal before.

With the type of vehicle you drive, How long is the commute to work? How much is it costing to fill up? I know that this was a topic of discussion in my household this past Sunday.

I have already seen the Cambridge Kitchener buyer relocating back to Mississauga or Etobicoke because after 3 years of commuting; they have used up their cars, missed their children's birthdays; all by spending time being attentive on the road.

They simply leave earlier and arrive later. As the GTA continues to grow this will just get harder.

One recent family, Mom and Dad, and two adult children, had 4 cars. That's 4 insurance policies, 4 sets of tires, plus snow tires, oil changes and like a wayward child, someone needs to stay home when one of them is sick. They were calculating the savings of giving up two cars; to be one bus to the subway.

With this years price of gas, I am sure many others will join this fray.

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