Saturday, May 17, 2008

5 Telltale Signs That this house isn't for you

Shopping for a Home is a Process of Elimination

You search for homes based on your specific criteria and eliminate those homes that are not up to par. When you find your dream home, you usually know it immediately. When you come across a dump, the same holds true. Our intuition is usually right.

Buyers Beware

Ever come across a home online or in print whose images and property detail descriptions just about seemed perfect? Yeah, me too. It’s kind of like what Alicia Silverstone said in the movie Clueless, “She’s like a Monet. Well, from far away she looks pretty good but up close she’s just a big old mess.” And just like in the movie the Money Pit, the home may look pretty from the outside but once you start turning things on all hell can break loose.

You might want to keep looking for your dream house if:

5. The neighbours yard looks like a scene from Sanford and Son.
4. The real estate agent warns you about funny sounds coming from inside the house.
3. The listing sheet highlights all the negative features of the home with suggested remedies and prices from experts of improving them.
2. The basement has water marks 3 feet high and when you turn the light switch on, the garage door opens.
1. You’re told by the homeowner, “Trust me, the smell is only seasonal.”

Bonus: After you look at the house the neighbour asks if you’re really serious about buying the place and then laughs hysterically and walks away.

If you can top these, we’d love to hear your stories.

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