Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Humber Waterfront LRT

Waterfront West Corridor

This 11-kilometre long corridor would link Union Station and Exhibition Place with Parkdale, High Park, and southern Etobicoke. The new light rail line would start from the existing Exhibition streetcar loop, and run west along the Gardiner Expressway/Lakeshore GO Train corridor to the existing Queensway and Lake Shore streetcar tracks, which would be upgraded where necessary to a dedicated surface right-of-way.

The light rail service would provide fast and frequent east-west service from southern Etobicoke to Union Station along the waterfront. Eventual extensions could be made west into Mississauga and east from Union Station into the eastern waterfront. Light rail service would operate entirely in a dedicated surface right-of-way. Estimated annual ridership in 2021 would be 21 million customer-trips. Order-of-magnitude cost of the corridor would be approximately $540 million.


The Toronto Transit City – Light Rail Plan should be endorsed as the basis and priority for rapid transit expansion in the City of Toronto. The plan would establish a network of fast, reliable, electric light-rail transit lines, to attract people out of their cars and onto environmentally-friendly public transport. The Plan would provide fast and reliable public transit service, increase the mobility of Toronto residents, would provide system-wide connections to existing and future rapid transit services, and would be seamlessly co-ordinated with Greater Toronto regional transit networks.

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