Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cool! New Islands Right at Sunnyside

What a fabulous addition to the Toronto Humber Bay Shoreline! All the condos along Lake Shore Blvd ( Marine Parade ) will now have additional man made islands at the mouth of the Humber River Bridge towards Sunnyside!

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The string of islands would go in at the mouth of the Humber River and extend about one kilometre from shore. The plan would take clean fill from construction jobs to build a solid earth barrier underwater that would deflect polluted Humber River water out into the lake and away from Sunnyside Beach.

Above the water, the feature would look like a string of small islands that could be landscaped, support wildlife and made accessible to the public, city councillors on the public works committee were told Tuesday.

“You could design this to have pedestrians come out to the islands,” said Toronto Water general manager Lou Di Gironimo. “You could connect the islands. There’s many ways to design them, we could make it a very attractive feature.”

Not only visually appealing, this will greatly extend the opportunity for the public to have access to park land and the waterfront. The Martin Goodman Trail is already well used for rollerblading, cycling, joggers and a promenade on a sun filled day! This will enhance the visual views from Palace Place and Park Lake Residences.

If you would like to select a community that is along this strip you might be interested in these buildings; Condo Selections

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