Thursday, March 29, 2012

What will you say in 2015?

Could have? Should Have?

Toronto real estate prices for detached properties show no sign of any price abatement.

Will today's prices for a single family detached home be viewed as a bargain in the future?

Can you ever time the market?

Canada Mortgage and Housing issued some insightful graphs.

Have a look and consider the details and source of information.

While condo's are becoming over abundant in the next few years they are holding an average of $425 to 495 per square foot in recently built product.

However the detached single family homes in West Toronto continue to astound us all with their values. $600 to $800 K. Interestingly enough the higher priced homes [1.0MM to 1.750 MM] by value are also selling with confidance.

I came across a few gems this week in upscale Etobicoke neighbourhoods, Reach out and say hello.

The continuing lack of inventory makes selling a home right now, the highest continuing price increases since 1995.

Are you ready to sell? Call me!

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