Friday, April 6, 2012

Mere Listings Toronto MLS

How would you answer this question received by email?

Subject: MERE FSBO listing

I have a commercial/retail/industrial property that I would like listed on the MLS and was wondering how much you charge to do that?

I said ---Depending on location, sale ability and pricing I would be pleased to list the unit for you. Commissions are competitive at 1.5 % to list. Commission to Selling broker is at 2.5% as a norm

Today this response:

I am not looking for an agent to represent my property. I am looking for a broker that will give me a MERE FSBO listing.

How would you have responded?

Are you feeding the race to the bottom of real estate commissions; with 33,000 agents racing for 89,000 transactions in Toronto merely posting listings on MLS is a HUGE issue. If I have listings on the system and do not delete the sold mere listings BUYERS will call you for you to explain it is sold and switch them to other listings... Experienced professional service is not free.

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