Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Humber Bay Shore Community

What gives a building Value? The location? The Maintenance Fee? The cost per square foot? Is it the ambiance of walking space and the surrounding community. Have a look at how these buildings are now squeezed in beside each other along Marine Parade Drive and Lake Shore.

Building higher and thinner stilleto style buildings are indeed the most efficient cost per square foot for maintenance, heating, water distribution and possible heating as a narrow structure would present minimum aspect as a sail for thermal loss.

But where is the walking and green space; the Community of being along the Lake Shore, engaging Humber Bay Shore hot spots. Mimico by the Bay BIA is hosting a contest supported by Lauren Broten http://laurelbroten.onmpp.ca/pdf/22.pdf See if you can recommend a Gem along the Lake Shore. Who would you add?

Would you like ot live in this community of west Toronto Mimico? Along the Martin Goodman Trail and Toronto's spectacular waterfront Humber Bay Shore. Existing units are readily available. Just Call

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