Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When will you become a senior in Toronto

Being an Accredited Senior Agent and working with families, I am more aware than most of the needs and demands that aging places on our life style. Consider the sheer numbers.

The current figures will grow so quickly with the Baby Boomers (the 7,000 turning 65 every day mentioned previously) that think-tanks are working madly to try and figure out how community life will change.

According to statistics kept by the U.S. Bureau of Labor, 76 million Boomers (which make up 43 percent of the current U.S. work force) will be eligible to retire in the next 10 years but an AARP poll conducted by Woelfel Research Inc. in 2010 says many of them say they don’t plan to retire.

“That’s because they either can’t afford to retire or they look at meaningful work as a part of a good, healthy life,” Suarez said. “Many even plan to start new careers or maybe their own small business after retiring from a full time job.”

But whether they work or not, how and where they will live will be a major concern and should be planned for early; not when the time comes that changes must be made.

Whether you are planning to "make your place ready" to age into your home or if you are considering a condo as a downsizing opportunity, there will be many other estate and tax planning issues along the way. I hope that you will avail yourself of the network of professionals I have access to as Trusted Advisors in your quest.

50 plus is a whole new ball game that is not about Nursing Homes. You can download your own FREE boomer kits here. http://Bit.Ly/AgingParents

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