Monday, April 25, 2011

Embracing an Opportunity

I realized almost a decade ago that computerization in the Real Estate industry would always be cutting edge since we are perceived as market and marketing specialists. I found this post from Seth Godin that speaks to the need to find our own Value Proposition in our marketplace and that we really need to really shine.

The opportunity is here

At the same time that our economic engines are faltering, something else is happening. Like all revolutions, it happens in fits and starts, without perfection, but it's clearly happening.

The mass market is being replaced by multiple micro markets and the long tail of choice.

Google is connecting buyers and sellers over vaster distances, more efficiently and more cheaply than ever before.

Manufacturing is more of a conceptual hurdle than a practical one.

The exchange of information creates ever more value, while commodity products are ever cheaper. It takes fewer employees to generate more value, make more noise and impact more people.

Most of all is this: every individual, self-employed or with a boss, is now more in charge of her destiny than ever before. The notion of a company town or a stagnant industry with little choice is fading fast.

Right before your eyes, a fundamentally different economy, with different players and different ways to add value is being built. What used to be an essential asset (for a person or for a company) is worth far less, while new attributes are both scarce and valuable.

To provide value we must be able to repeatedly demonstrate the results that are claimed. When you type Homes west Toronto into Google; It will respond with entries from my sites and even suggest my name.

What does this mean for you? This means that when I advertise your home, your property, connect with material about your community, it will be read and it will be indexed and found. Here are some tangible results. Recently, on a home in Markland Wood we had the following observations.

So if you want Results that Matter and can be repeated; not just a reliance on the system, but actual marketing to draw fresh eyes to look at your property; Have a look at us Homes in West Toronto encompassing the Toronto South Waterfront GTA that runs from High Park and Palace Place to the toniest Mattamy built homes in Lorne Park's Watercolours or the seclusion of Oakville.

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