Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Tribe is out on Sunnyside

The sounds of the live congo beat could be heard across the Lake Shore at Ellis avenue. We ventured out with the dog along the Martin Goodman Trail. The cyclists were out! A few on roller blades, best of all the kids - were all over the gym equipment at the parkette on the Lake Shore. There was a splash pad planned here. I'll ask...

People smiled at each other and nodded Hello as we passed, enjoying a warm day to promenade along the walking path from the Humber Bridge to the Sunny Side Pavillion. The Humber Bay Shore Community is now nearly 8,000 units strong and more coming!

It was exciting to see the pavillion open to tourists and regulars alike. The season for a waterfront beverage watching the strollers is upon us yet again and I look forward to those peaceful walks along the water.

The Sunnyside Pavillion is just west of the Roncesvalles Village Bridge that crosses the Gardiner Expressway. The Building itself is immediately at the foot of Parkside Drive.

Yes, It's the summertime and I have found where I will be spending many a pleasant evening. I will still answer my phone of course. If you would like to live here; Give me a call!

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