Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Junction Community Bulletin


The fight for electric trains has become even more urgent. Several important dates are coming up, and our community needs to act NOW to ensure we keep the 400+ dirty diesel daily trains out of our neighbourhood.

Below are some of the dates for action:

CTC Meeting with Mayor Ford's staff - MONDAY, JAN 17

Electrification Study report available by/before FRIDAY, JAN 21

Metrolinx Board Meeting on the Electrification Study - WEDNESDAY, JAN 26 @ Central YMCA, 20 Grosvesnor St., 9:00am

Clean Train Coalition demonstration - WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 26, Central YMCA, 20 Grosvesnor St., 8:30am

Possible Clean Train Coalition demonstration - WEDNESDAY, JAN 26, Ontario Liberal Party Campaign Headquarters 10 St. Mary Street, 11:30am OR 1:00pm

Metrolinx scheduled date for completion of Sumitomo Contract negotiation - SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 6

Metrolinx Board Meeting - FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 18


We urge you to attend any of the above events to show your support for Electrification Now. Additionally, it is imperative that you contact Premier Dalton McGuinty to tell him that you DO NOT want dirty diesel trains in our neighbourhoods, affecting our environment and our health.

Go to the Clean Train Coalition's website to find out everything you can do to stop the Dirty Diesel, from signing the online petition to writing to your MPP and Premier. You can find out more about what to do here.

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