Monday, January 3, 2011

Buyer Representation Agreement Toronto West Homes

The Toronto Real Estate Board has created a number of topic video that are professionally crafted to inform and educate the Home Buying public in the GTA.

This video explains the concepts of Buyers agency and How the Buyers Registry works for Selling Agents to find what you are looking for!

Do you need a Buyers Agent - Using a Realtor ®

We're talking Canada (or at least Ontario) every offer has to be accompanied by a completed Confirmation of Co-operation and Representation form (OREA form #220). This has to be signed by both agents, as well as the Seller and Buyer, and places on record who's looking after who and how the Buyer's Agent will get paid (usually by a share of commission as stipulated in the MLS listing), prior to the presentation of any offers.

As a Buyer Agent, you do need to realize that my primary responsibility is to take care of my (buyer) client's best interests.

This means two essential things.

On the one hand, I shouldn't focus on selling the property for as close to the asking price as I can. Rather I should make sure that the offer price properly reflects the market value, particularly by setting it against an appropriate Comparative Market Analysis.

On the other hand, I should help my buyer client to determine that the property represents the best value for their money. This means that we need to demonstrate that each one of the comparables isn't going to be a better buy.

If you will, my job is to get the Buyer "the most house for the money" as opposed to enabling the Seller to get "the most money for the house." The difference is a critical one and I have a legal duty and obligation to apply it in your dealings with my buyer clients.

There is a difference when choosing a realtor with experience. If you are looking for a property in Toronto west, Etobicoke to Mississauga ....

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