Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finally, Selling your Home

Flexibility and Creativity, along with a detailed marketing plan, careful preparation and strategic planning are needed to yield you optimal results as a home seller.

A long event horizon is an advantage in the home selling process. You have taken your time deciding and Now you are ready. A well structured sale for the highest dollar can take months to create. This sale may take months if not years of advance preparation prior to putting the sales process into motion. It has taken a lifetime to buy your home, raise a family, pay off your mortgage and send them through school. You helped them buy their first house. Now it's your time again.

Control your market timing. The long term planning window will permit you to select the best time to sell without being forced into the process by long term illness, critical health issues or other pressing financial issues. The Home Selling process has a cyclical nature in that, some months are superior to others and you may want to time your purchase and sale to when market and economic conditions are most favourable to you. The spring market provides the most families looking to schedule their move to coincide with the school calender.

Buyers will be looking for superior homes in established neighbourhoods and although they may compete to purchase they still expect the due diligence phase of a purchase being their searches appraisals and inspections. Better homes are now at or near inner city with access to TTC transit hubs or major transit commuting centers. By working with a local experienced neighbourhood specialists you will gain additional advantages.

Although Sellers may have an idea of Neighbourhood Values. they do need experienced expert help to ascertain Fair Market Value. In the course of this evaluation. each upgrade and improvement that has been made over the years may or may not be reflected in the Fair Market Value. What was spend on the landscaping or basement may not return dollar for dollar where an extra bathroom will. We can provide a Market Evaluation, or an Opinion of Value.

When buyers and sellers are ready, all questions answered, your team of advisers can help you negotiate a well structured Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

When we get started, you will need to articulate and communicate your intentions to me, of what you want to achieve with this sale. It is important to think through how your lifestyle will change at the new property; How your sense of community will be altered.

This psychological component of your transition should be discussed with your family, as you yourself may be unprepared for the emotional impact of your gradual extraction from a property where you have lived for decades. Often a sense of self worth and purpose is tied directly to the home.

Often as the Seller your entire self worth may be in this one singular asset. We understand that this house may very well be your entire net worth. Sellers may need to include estate and financial planners to ensure that future pension income serves the required needs. I and my team would be pleased to help counsel you through this transition.

When you are ready, I would love to sell your home. Call me at 647.218.2414 or email

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