Friday, December 3, 2010

When will we admit we are a world class city?

The proliferation of condo's and especially upscale multilevel penthouse apartments cater to a select crowd of successful but discreet clientelle. We are Canadians.

We know we have made it but we don't want to show it. Hazelton Lanes and Yorkville, continue to be the place to been seen, from business Shakers and Movers to tres Celeb's just in for the Tiff.

But would you like the best condo in the city of Toronto? 11,000 square feet of opulance; designed and appointed exactly as you see fit, Your designer providing the final touches or I can recommend a few designers with impeccable portfolio's. 12 foot ceiling combined with floor to ceiling panoramic views. Penthouse and Lower Penthouse selections.

Some will talk about Price Ceilings and topping $1,000 per square foot, in a penthouse market where the ultimate is only one in Toronto. What should the value be?

There are several Central Park Condo buildings along the park, they are: 1 Central Park West, 15 Central Park West, 25 Central Park West, 25 Columbus Circle (TimeWarner Center), 60 Columbus Circle (Mandarin Oriental Residences), 160 Central Park South (Essex House), 1 Central Park South, 923 Fifth Avenue and 995 Fifth Avenue (condop).

In order to have a Central Park view condo, the condo building does not neccessary to be right next to Central Park. The condo building can be few blocks away from the Park, as long as the unit is on the high floor and there are lower buildings around it, the condo unit can have an unobstructed view of Central Park. (here is a picture of myself in a condo "Millenium Tower" building that is few blocks away from Central Park.)Central Park condos - Eileen Hsu Real Estate Agent

In todays market, Central Park Condos with direct Central park views is priced range $3,200 to $4,500 per square foot upwards. This is just an approximation of the price range, each Central Park condos is also priced based on its building, condition, exposure and other factors.

Take a video tour of the views of this 11,000 square foot condominium unit, the tallest in Toronto.

So lets ask a question; what value should the largest penthouse in Toronto, that is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, on Bay Street, with unobstructed views from the 75th floor of Aura condo's be valued at? Can we conclude the same NYC, Manhattan and Central Park prices apply? SO.. 11,370 square feet, Private elevator, 24 hour concierge, lavish finishes and the prestige of having the only unit, the singular penthouse, tallest, most opulent location would be?

Computer Technology permits me to send you a CD with an interactive Virtual Tour that permits a walk through of the unit; Great for a personal flow and walk test through of your penthouse.

11,000 square feet at $3500 per square foot would be ? So this is a value added purchase at $17,500,000 reflecting a value pst of approximately $1,500.

The View would be of every sunset and sunrise overlooking Lake Ontario and the Toronto Islands and almost the Niagara Peninsula. Sorry.. You cannot see Central Park from here, no matter how you turn your head.

Send an email or a text 647 218 2414 and the shopping team can accommodate your inquiries.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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