Thursday, December 2, 2010

Simply Not Knowing; Is not an excuse

A very wise person recently said "Sometimes we don't know what we don't know"

My Duties include; the correct pricing of your home based on local conditions, competition and trends in the market, making you aware of sales histories and trending that effect your property values, assisting you in the presentation of the property, [we may need a stager or a decorator or a dumpster], the video and slideshow for your property, preparation of a full hard stock colour brochure, preparation of all online marketing materials to draw potential buyers to your home, the promotion and logical defense of your property values. Of course there is the negotiation and then transaction management.

We will need to deal with the timely fulfillment of all conditions that you made in your Agreement of Purchase and Sale. We attend at all inspections, verify your financing and insurance requirements, double check all payout commitments, attend with your solicitor.

Unlike Miss Bening; I do not do floors, dishes, counters, make beds, vacuum or general housekeeping.

Although some may think that I have been granted with Super Powers and memory of past sales events, I am very focused save for conducting real estate or internet social marketing to get your property featured. With humour, stories and integrity we will answer all your concerns until you are ready to proceed.

When you are ready I would love to sell your home.

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