Friday, December 3, 2010

Toronto is the Place to Be

In November 2010 there were 6,510 sales for the month.

Although this is a bit slower than last year, these are very strong numbers. The number of homes for sale has dropped dramatically and we’re down to only 15,K units right now. In the GTA as a whole, we currently have less than 2 ½ month’s supply of homes for sale. This is still considered a “Seller’s Market”.

The West end as a whole? 5,883 listings with 2,342 selling. In the millionaires Row of housing in Etobicoke there were 196 available with 94 selling. Bare in mind that the higher the price, the fewer the customers. In W06 Humber Bay Shore That’s Marina Del Ray though Palace Pier along the Lake Shore Marine Parade Dr., There were only 120 new listings with 84 sales.. Imagine.. Only 84 sold.

The question I get asked most often, “What do you think will happen next year?” In Canada and in Toronto specifically, yes, we still have a very sound economy. We are not experiencing the melt down they are in the U.S. If someone were to be looking for a safe place to invest in real estate, Toronto would come right at the top of the list. I believe our real estate market will remain very stable in 2011.

It will be a great year for anyone to get into home ownership or make that move “up” or “down” as their lifestyles may require. There are many shoppers out there. Rates continue to be low. Our employment rate is at 7.6% effective today... Whats holding you back? My job is to fill your families housing needs. What do you Need? You have questions I have answers Lets talk. 647 218 2414

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