Thursday, September 30, 2010

TTC's Waste on Youtube

While others may view the reported $15,000 as a waste of money, I think the year end piece from Giambrone highlights the usefullness of the TTC to reach out to ITS riders in a topical and deliverable message. The TTC has used focus groups and has implemented some new customer service responses.

What did I see? Wifi on the trains, Stay in Touch with texting, More bathrooms, Better scheduling and Video screens on each station telling you future time? Do all these help curtail frustrations? Absolutely! Advertising their reliability.

Is $15,000 excessive? I shoot commercials for myself and my properties for sale. The cost to (video) camera may seem small but the time and effort is from editing, assembly, voice overs and audio's . This is not packaged and with graphics are layered in. I have corporate video's that run for a few minutes at the 10's of thousands. I do not feel this was excessive. Better $500K paid to CTV or CITY to run a paid commercial? Would Rogers be pleased? or just Better off!

Yes, again this is a typical sample of those who would rather complain and offer no reasonable alternative to spending money on anything. [I cannot ride a bicycle to a listing appointment or an Open House]

The delivery of this video on YOUTUBE will provide a new opportunity for people to look and see for themselves when they have time. These transit plans have been delayed for almost a decade; further delay would be sentencing the city to perpetual gridlock everyday for the next decade.

So Transit City? Good or Bad? we need your voice. To those that wish Not to improve the TTC and engage commuters, Please offer your solution.

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