Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Live in Toronto

The Toronto scene is happening!

The City of Toronto is an amazing place to be right now. But if you're an out of towner looking to relocate and join the fun, it may seem tough to get started. Toronto's hustle and bustle has spread from Mississauga to Markham, Finding a place to stay can be expensive and intimidating. It really is a close knit scene, so you may need a helping hand to break in.

I can help you.

You need merely to raise your hand and you can be 'adopted.' We will try to pair you with a welcoming member of the Toronto scene. Whether its a place to tweet from or a cup of coffee; we will meet you when you visit.

Either way, you will see Toronto through the eyes of Torontonian. Join my face book group and say hello.

1 - National Geographic rates Toronto the most civil and civilized city in the world

2 – We are Number 2 in North America for quality of living (Mercer Consulting)

3 – Toronto is Best international city for work and family (Fortune Magazine)

We have One of the lowest crime rates of any city of comparable size. Readers Digest surveyed 32 cities in the world. Toronto came in second.

4 – Culturally, Toronto is a mecca with 100 festival, 125 museums, 50 ballet and dance companies, 6 opera companies, the third largest centre for film and TV in the world, the third largest English language Theatre market in the world. TIFF is now a worldwide scene.

5 – Toronto’s GDP is bigger than the City of Hong Kong and the entire countries of Ireland and Finland

6 – Toronto headquarters for the 5 largest domestic banks

7 - Toronto headquarters for Canada’s six largest insurers, including ManuLife and Sun which are 2 of the top 10 in the world

8 – TSX is the third largest stock exchange in North America

9 – Moodys has rated only 3 banks in North America are AAA; two are Canadian, TD and the Royal.

10 – Toronto is the third largest financial services centre in North America behind New York and Chicago

If you would like to meet; just call 647 218 2414.

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