Sunday, September 12, 2010

Making that extra effort

Was recently engaged by someone's situation and circumstance to deal with their retirement and ultimately exit from Canada to semi retirement lifestyle in South America and Canada.

Having built a life here; making many friends, establishing a network and community, this individual is still drawn to return to their roots as do many when they retire. We can all name someone who has a secondary residence or timeshare / condo back home.

This client is investing their entire savings nest egg on the Garth Turner concept of the Real Estate Bubble and has liquidated their real estate entirely. The decision was not based on economics but finances. The nest egg will provide a steady stipend. Investing the money in Canada is safe but the return will instantly start to deplete the principal.

During the course of this sale; we actually sold the house on three separate offers, one didn't pass financing, the second didn't pass the "family" inspection, the third offer had the magic. This [sales & marketing] process took longer than 60 days. The closing another 60 days forward.

We discussed options at length for hours, terms and dates were revised over a number of days and finally a transaction was struck. Oil Tanks and heating installations were inspected and arrangements made. Surveys studied and interpreted. Phone message, notes and letters were exchanged, promises were made. The City was contacted about work orders, permits and outstanding taxes. Calculations were made about prepaid expenses. Pre Authorized debits were cancelled. Insurance was removed. Everything about the home buying process is attended to in detail. The local utilities were informed of the change in ownership to arrange meter readings. The lawyers office provides services in both Ukrainian and English.

I attended at the closing, as a normal function of the sale to ensure that everything was as promised, all the conditions were met and obligations concluded. The lawyers to the transaction are focused on the function of the closing. Having an explanation at length of all the circumstances or events involved makes it easier for all parties involved.

There was no miss communication, no drama, no empty promises and a very happy (new) retiree that is now looking forward to her renewed lifestyle with winters in South America and Summers in Toronto. What a great way to plan your life! When someone says What do agents do for you? I have some answers.

If this is the type of attention you would like in your real estate transaction; Living in Toronto give me a call at 647 218 2414.

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