Friday, January 30, 2009

10 Reasons I'm happy for a recession

1. Family Dinners in with friends
2. Shorter gas lines and better prices per liter
3. Less junk mail
4. More Time with your Family/Spouse
5. Better Prices on Everything you really need
6. Bargains on vehicles and houses
7. New Business Opportunities/ Relationships
8. Time to read a book or three
9. Everyone has a chance to take a breath and decide what's important
10. New perspectives on what creates true happiness

For everything there is a season,

The spring to sow,
The summer to make hay,
The Fall is to Harvest and Give Thanks,
The Winter to stay inside and plan for the future.

This simply also applies to the economy. During the winter time, the soil must rest, rejuvenate itself for the new planting season, the snow covers the fields to remoisturize the earth, cold makes us stay in and rest for the new working season.

When applied to Real estate, the cooler markets bring better prices but more importantly they level the playing field between neighbourhoods and different complex's. Those shopping have a better selection to pick from, Sellers are forced to be realistic in their asking prices relative to the last sale, and we all have time to be thoughtful and reflective about what we are spending our money on.

If you are considering entering the market I would be pleased to hear from you....
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