Saturday, December 6, 2008

Is your debt too high?

Is your mortgage payment combined with you lifestyle bills restricting your choices? Have your property taxes jumped higer this year? Do you need money for simple things like hockey or piano lessons for your kids?

There may be alternatives for you to re examine how to reduce you total debt repayment thru different lender's programs.

Manulife Financial is working very strongly with their Manulife One Program. All you household expenses into one account, secured against the property, to reduce the overall borrowing costs and eliminate debt faster. Track reductions monthly, in your statements and see tangible results instantly.

Royal Bank is offering a $300 rebate to its clients with a mortgage for energy self sufficiency. Reduce your Energy Costs by making your home ( their security) a home energy savings and that frees up income to reduce other debt.

If you have some concerns or questions about what is happening in the West Toronto, Central and South Etobicoke or Mississauga real estate markets, I would be pleased to meet with you or arrange a referral to qualified professional people who can help.

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