Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What views would you like?

Let's make a few assumptions
We are aging
We are considering retirement.
One of you may have already retired.
We [will] need single storey living.
We [will] require the services of Health Care Professionals and Hospitals.
We want the community of living in the city.
You have no aspirations for a country estate with a mile long driveway.

I have met a number of SAVVY mature recently retired couples who are carefully selecting where they would like to spend their retirement years, something that gives them a jumping off point for travel and adventures yet is secured and locked in their absence. You would like to buy it now, rent it until you need it for yourself. Then clean and fix what you need with the perfect amenities and views. This now begs;  What is the View that you would like?

The last condo purchase may have been to be near work, a trendy loft with dramatic second storey views or a Pied de Terre in the City's core.   This time you want the subway tiles in the bathroom, with a jetted tub, The marble in the kitchen with an eating area that isn't actually in the Living Room.  Two separate non adjacent bedrooms that are served by two full bathrooms.  Your list is very specific as to trims and finishes, ease of care,  

Unless you are well heeled financially for retiring in place, maintaining a home in Toronto is becoming expensive and impractical. We can make the old home work for us by adding / improving the Kitchens and Bathrooms, modernize, the stair climbing becomes a challenge. Why is laundry in the basement? An elevator or Stair Slide is the answer.  

But If you are doing all these things,  you and I need to get together to find you a great Lake or Park Views along Humber Bay Shore...   Call me   647 218 2414

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