Friday, July 26, 2013

Self Represented House Purchase

I go to Sobey's and select my grocery purchase.   I fill my cart; wait in the self checkout line, bag my own groceries, pay by card and leave.  Where was my discount?

Who started this SELF REPRESENTED Nonsense... I filled my own shopping cart at STAPLES. Now you do the paperwork but I want CASH BACK?

Try that at your Bank for a mortgage! You're doing your own appraisal? How about the dentist? Your own fillings?  When you are closing a real estate transaction; tell your lawyer you will handling FAXING and Delivering documents yourself to save on courier fees.  No, I don't want anything explained; because "We know it all! We read it online."

The people with the highest interest in the outcome of the checkout process are the very same people that self-checkout puts in charge: me! How could it not work? It's the perfect alignment of self-interest.  Of course you will be fair and want to pay market value.  Its the Perfect Storm

The Seller pays the Buyers Agent for procuring an offer. Thats COMMON LAW. Sellers clear all charges and debts related to the sale of the property. That's COMMON LAW.  If you are trading in real estate and think you are capable of receiving NO service from me, whatsoever, thats fine.  


Are you biblical?  You cannot serve two masters  - Matthew 6:24

I have a contractual obligation and agency relationship with a home owner to procure offers for sale on their property.   NOT switch sides and work to get you the best deal.

It costs you [The Buyer] nothing ... To Give me a try. Call me or http://Bit.Ly/GetDave

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