Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mom needs a place

Its getting to be a bit too much to look after. Its not your fault. But you need to deal with this too. Its family. Having an elder Mom or Dad come live with you is just not the solution.

You need something that still provides some dignity and independence, an opportunity for activity and lifestyle without the obligations of cooking and cleaning. Somewhere that has a full dining facility and health services available.

Full Dining Room, Exercise, Pub or Recreation Room, Swimming Pool, Activities, Tuck Shop and scheduled excursions. Have a peek at the details

There are currently a few units available and you should consider what the lifestyle can provide for an adult needing mild assistance. One bedroom plus den and two bedroom units are available. If you would rather be in Toronto west at Humber Bay Shore, Hearthstone by the Bay on Marine Parade is equally elegant.

If you are dealing with a situation like this I welcome your inquiries. Feel free to reach out.

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