Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Home Finder Service for Toronto

I would like to talk to you about our newest Home Finder Service.

We are able to email you the newest listings, hot off the press. We are still in a competitive market. Toronto Ontario Canada. You can view these listings in the comfort of your own home,
have a look at the pictures, Ask me to have a look at the property. Go out and see it for you.

When we find the perfect home. You will ask, I hope, for some insights from me about,

What has sold recently in the neighbourhood... What is the same that justifies the asking price of that property, You and I will sit down discuss a negotiation strategy, Are we going in at full price? or below? Lets seek what their motivation is to sell that property.... What their urgency is to be gone?

If its a condominium townhouse property we may need a condominium status certicate. Link to Video. In our process of finding you a home, we need to engage the services of a mortgage adviser. Whichever lender you take is up to you. Sometimes the best mortgage rate is the ultimate feature; other times the mortgage portability, It may be the ability to take that mortgage to another property. Maybe you are only going to be there a short time; you would like to have Prepayment Options of 10 or 15% anytime, or just anniversary dates. Engage people to get you a pre-approval and then a Final Approval if you require CMHC Hi Ratio Approval (EMILY)

We need to engage home Inspectors who are licensed and qualified
Experienced, that I have worked with before, or you can find your own, to have a look at the property to give you an independent evaluation. This can be your Father or your Uncle John.

Whomever you like, It's the person you trust to have a look at that property. And I am on your Team as your Buyer's Agent for the property.

We need to have a look at your where your finances are coming from. How much will this cost you on an Operational Budget, to own your home. I'll go into this in different detail with the Canada Mortgage and Housing - How do you qualify for a mortgage Video. Stay tuned for that.

We need to talk about Up front Closing Costs...
  • How much the lawyer will charge?
  • How much your land transfer Taxes will be..
  • Are you elidgible for rebates?
  • How much you need to actually have at the closing table?

So here we go back to Mortgage Management. The best Mortgage is having no mortgage at all.

Having your mortgage paid off as quickly as possible, or if there is a life change situation,
beit a reduction in an income or maternity income change you need to be cognizant of what your obligations are.

I would like to stay in touch with you for a mortgage tune up if not twice a year at least once a year to see how you are progressing getting your mortgage paid off. When we are dealing with your property on a CD I will provide for you all your Purchase and Sale Documents, Financing Commitments, Approvals, Waivers documents Conditions or Waivers, Any conditions or
waivers, what ever was found on the property and reports we need; We need to have your confirmation of Insurance on the property.

Lets recap;

Our Home Finder Service can be used by an area; we have a new TREB Mapping system, We can go by mls grid, By MLS number, By neighbourhood specific, We can shop by price, with a price parameter, Staying to even numbers. We are able to Shop by features surrounding the home or amenities.

A simple issue for me is that I have one phone number to contact me for all details @ 647 218 2414 If you could like to buy a house in Etobicoke, West Toronto or the Condos along Humber Bay Shore I'd be pleased to hear from you.

All this material is available to you as an iPAD presentation or as a pdf and is emailable to you as PDF or powerpoint.

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