Friday, July 22, 2011

How to Beat FSBO's Toronto

I want to share some secrets with you on how you can beat a For Sale by Owner every Time!

Good Negotiators will track down FSBO sellers that are motivated to Sell.

They are Big D sellers. They are desperate to sell for Death, Divorce, Debt or Disaster.

You need to ask as many Why, What and How questions to find out as much about their position as possible. Questions that include...
  • Why are you selling?
  • Have they bought another property?
  • What possession do they need?
  • How long Have you lived in the Home?
  • Have you had any other offers?
  • Are the Vendors just testing the market?
  • How long have you played around at selling by themselves?

The more you know the higher the likelihood of knowing which cards you will play. Now lets make them dance!

In the private sales negotiations; this will flush out the critical information about the sellers price expectations. Indicate that you are interested in the property... at a certain price...

Do not document, this offer until it's verbally accepted by the Vendor.

The Seller, if they agree to your offer, has effectively told you exactly what their best price is without a formal contract. You can still walk away, if the price or terms are unaccceptable

Thats why Buyers Agency is so important!

Everything that I learn about that seller is an advantage that I can legally pass along to you!

No one cares about what I did last year.
You care that I can help you right NOW!

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