Saturday, October 16, 2010

Where is IT better than Bloor West Village?

When is one location superior to another; Ok ok we are firmly in the Bloor West Village Toronto neighbourhood and comparing Beresford to Armadale or is Colbeck a superior location. Is it OK to pay this much money for Runnymede?

What about the side of the street to the west of Jane; Where does it become Old Mill? Past the bridge? On the South Side it is called Brule Gardens, the street and neighbourhood is referred to as Riverside Dr., as riverside follows the top and bank south from Baby Point to Lake Ontario at Ellis Avenue.

So a ravine lot backing on the south Kingsway, that is the top of bank called Mossom Road is a superior location. There is a listing there at 13 Mossom Road that is a renovation. An updated wiring, heating, lighting, flooring, kitchen, granite, bathrooms OH and a ravine lot.

This is offered at $885.0

I am watching with dismay as buyers are paying $ 900k plus for non ravine lots on lesser streets. How can you boycott a ravine lot in Brule Gardens?

If you would like view this property, Hurry Give me a call at 647 218 2414


Justin Peach said...

Justin Peach said...

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