Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dealing with Buyers Remorse

Do suffer from Buyers Remorse? Sorry for what you bought? Can you get a guarantee?

When Pamela Herring bought her first home she didn’t open a bottle of wine to celebrate.

“I regretted [the purchase] the day after I moved in,” she said. “I had a meltdown and hated my home for a few months.”

Herring found support with her family and friends. “My family and friends helped a great deal. My sister told me I could come visit her any time. My parents told me I could stay with them any time I wanted. Everyone invited me over for dinner a lot, knowing how miserable I was. My friends were supportive and told me of their own home buying woes. I didn’t spend much time there if I could help it. I told myself I could always rent it out and move in with my parents again if it got too bad. My dad supported this.”

And in the end, sometimes the situation improves.

Herring said, “I still have relapses. It’s been a year and I like it much better now. I tell myself I can find a roommate if I get too lonely or if I’m mad about the house itself, I tell myself I can renovate or find another in a few years. It’s all negotiating with myself, but the feelings come and go now. It’s getting better … or I’m getting used to it.” http://www.yourhome.ca/homes/realestate/article/868816--when-buyer-s-remorse-extends-to-your-home

So what do you do? I have a simple solution. Although we do a market evaluation to ensure value, I also provide a Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are unhappy with what you have purchased I will sell it for free and help you select something else that may be more suitable.

Very often we buy from a plan, then decide that its too big or too small or faces the sunset daily; Maybe the transit and commuting just takes too long, or maybe its too far to work or simply your circumstances have changed. In any of these events it would be wonderful to have a solution standing by....

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