Thursday, August 12, 2010

Parents that need assistance

Helping Your parents to be independant and looking after themselves.

One of my Facebook friends brought this to my attention, Thank you.

Dr. Mihailidis is researching smart homes, systems that will call for help without human intervention if there is an accident and, eventually, deploy a robot like Brian to monitor vital signs. But these are still a long way from commercial use.

Early indicators show promising effects of social robotics, improving the rehabilitation of stroke patients and those with dementia or cognitive impairment.

Still, some seniors remain hesitant. Bernard Rubin, 83, a resident of the Terraces at Baycrest, an independent living community, says a robot companion would be good for people with poor mobility or cognitive impairment, things he says he is fortunate not to have to deal with. But he doubts that a robot can replace real social interaction, and he suspects that others will be wary too. Mr. Rubin notes that he has been trying to help the other residents use e-mail, but many remain skeptical.

Imagine; having someone reminding MOM to take her medication, recall a Doctor's appointment, Call outside for assistance at the correct command. What could possibly be better than a companion that is never tired, irritated, short tempered or abusive to handle every question, no matter how many times it needs repeating. [It] could remind you of grand children's birthday's, cards and gifts to find... Friends that need calling.

This has been a favoured topic of mine previously. With our Baby Boomers Aging in greater numbers (by demographic) and still wanting an active lifestyle; ours is the first generation that is taking laptop computers into retirement living. http://Bit.Ly/Aging Parents

If you need some help with Mom and Dad obligations here are the resources.

So, Who can Help Guide you?

There are some really great resources out there. I was in contact with Dr. James Watzke, a gerontologist and Christine Flegal, a gerontologist in the Living Laboratory at the B.C. Institute of Technology who have assembled a Guide both for you as the aging Boomer but for you to initiate the conversations with Mom and Dad while you are home over the holidays.

BCIT's Mobility Now You're Going Places Program, Christine Flegal/BCIT Funding for the BCIT Mobility project was provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada, BCIT, in collaboration with Weber Shandwick Worldwide.

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