Tuesday, August 17, 2010

3560 & 3600 Lake Shore - Longbranch

The proposal is for a residential development composed of condo townhouse blocks and some higher (up to 12 storey) condo apartment buildings which would be located along Lake Shore Blvd. West. The apartment buildings fronting Lake Shore may or may not have a retail component on the first floor depending on the developer's assessment of demand. A park and new public roads will also be included.

A Preliminary Planning Report giving further detail on the proposal is attached.

We expect to hold another Community Consultation Meeting in November or December of this year. Council will hold a public meeting on the final recommendations concerning this project in mid-2011. I have added your email address to the list of people who will receive notification of these meetings.


Brian Gallaugher
Senior Planner
Community Planning
Etobicoke York District - South Section
City Planning Division

3560 3600 Lake Shore Redevelopment Preliminary Report

What do you think should happen here along the Lake Shore? Are you in favour or against?

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