Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Toronto the Poor

Yes the MEGA city, Toronto the good! We voted them in; we are responsible. Proposed Tax increases absolutely! David Miller is proposing a modest tax increase of 4% PLUS new user fees and services cut backs.
So what will they cut back? Yup! essential services Library Hours; Court offices will close a half hour earlier, More user fees at $50 per family at Parks and Recreation. Lets look at a few of these issues a little closer.

Call in a False Alarm? It could cost you $350. Dad! Dad! Are those really severe chest pains?

Libraries will be closed on weekends, Kids are not in school on weekends. Need that homework finished for Monday? Sorry, We are Closed Sundays. Court Services? Had your licence suspended recently? I know someone who forget to pay a ticket and had her licence suspended by the MOT. The waiting times in many of the overcrowded court systems are 2 - 3 hours to deal with setting a trial date or a walk in guilty. Maybe a re-instatement? The solution from the City of Toronto is to close earlier. Waiting times and Tickets issued have no relationship with the hours of service for the court houses. Parking on the street permit still doesn't guarantee you a space. OK. Get your parking pad! OOPS! Application fees for those are going up too! Don't forget that home heating and fuel prices will go up 8% also July 1st. That's HST.

These solutions do not reduce salaries or employees. This does not save on building management or premises operational costs. These are public relations strategy or activity to show that someone is doing something. Increased waiting times for the general public to line up for any City provided service at a kiosk or 311 is not increasing CUSTOMER service.

Remember they can just as easily slip over to the 905. John Tory very eloquently pointed out that the east end of the city is rather undervalued compared to the west and equally close to the downtown core.
Yes I have an opinion. You cannot buy or rent a house when your credit stinks. You cannot keep spending when your wallet is empty and your credit cards are maxxed out. We need strong City Management with a vision to future planning. Please participate and vote.

The alternative is unimaginable for me. The downtown core turned into a ghost town after 6 PM in the evening. No Business, no cafe, no restaurants, no nightlife; just empty. Will the last person leaving please turn off the lights?

How would you handle these issues?

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