Monday, February 8, 2010

Expanding Your circle with Twitter and Facebook

Make a New Connection- Toronto to Oakville

We are in the business of meeting people and forever extending our services to a larger circle of friends. This entails finding the person, listening, identifying the need then filling it. This Twitter Bubble tool has me giggling with amusement as I type this post. Here's the explanation on how it works and what can be done.

Here is Mine Mississauga Etobicoke Oakville Alert We need more homes to sell Add your comments

Now you are able to update your twitter stream on a daily or event based program; How about Timed releases of Video's from Tweet you Later to promote your Hot New Listing; Key word strategy or Public Open house.

Twitter Keywords are Google SEO contribution GOLD! The tweets are being ranked and support your seo strategies.

The opportunites and possibilities of extending this social media tool really has my attention. Are you keeping up with the changes in communication? If you think Social Media is a fad I would caution you that in excess of 50% of my video viewership on youtube is 45 to 64 years old. [I thought the 30 somethings would dominate]

Add me on twitter, Check out, rate, comment and respond to the video's engage your prospect base in their daily conversations; Then take the conversation aside for a real estate moment. Can you imagine the BIA or CoC [Business Improvment Association or the Chamber of Commerce] grabbing your tweets and resending the remarks. Invite people to engage customers with you.

As always if you have someone relocating to the west Toronto GTA that is Etobicoke to Oakville I would be pleased to send you a referral fee.

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