Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Looking to Purchase Private from Owner

As a real estate agent in the west end of the city I am always looking for how people are connecting in the internet with new technology and ways to communicate. I recently found this on Craigslist dot com site. The category was Housing Wanted /Needed.

I re read the ad a few times and had a few questions;

Looking to Purchase Condo in Michael Power Towers in Toronto west Etobicoke (Kipling, Dundas /Bloor)

Looking to buy 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom condo in the Michael Power Place (11,15, 17, 7 , 9 and 5 Michael Power only) with parking ...If you interested in selling your condo in a PRIVATE sale then please respond as soon as possible looking to close b/w December/09 - February/10.
[I'm not looking for a real estate agent to transact....]
Thank you.

So someone wants to buy Private. Why? The bank may not finance you if you are not conducting an at arms length transaction. No MLS data exists to; verify the ownership of the participants to the sale, or to establish market value. Yeah, Yeah He's an agent they all say that.

Here's the real one; We are firmly in the grip of a Seller's market with an incredible never before seen inventory shortage. Does this person want to give you the most for the condo? Does this person have your best interest in mind? or are they looking for a deal for themselves?

So many sellers become preoccupied with the process rather than the outcome. Let me look after the details, You just decide where we are going. Let's have a look at the specials I have right now in these Etobicoke Communities.

The question should be what does a Realtor do to market your property?

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