Monday, October 6, 2008

Green Driveway with Ground Solutions

Founded as a landscaping enterprise at the beginning of the seventies, Ground Solutions has developed a range of technologies and products to improve the capabilities of grassed surfaces in the field of sporting grounds. With their background and knowledge, they have developed a new product range, Ground Solutions (GS), which replaces conventional grass paving systems and gravel grassed areas.

GS-ONTOP is intended to be used on top of existing or onto newly laid grassed surfaces and is ready to be used. It is almost invisible and protects the turf GS-ONTOP requires no substructure and is able to support light traffic on firm ground.

Ground Solutions is a grid system that is laid over grass and allows vehickles to park on top without causing damage. Primarily used fro commercial applications it can be applied to residential use wher you need an extra parking spot without repaving or widening your driveway.

Flexible Plastic frames made from recycled plastics and tires, that clip together in a gigantic mat.

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