Thursday, August 21, 2008

Proposed Building at Dundas and Bloor (Roncesvalles)

1540 Bloor West at Dundas Project Overview

On May 2, 2007, TasDesignBuild revealed plans for a 27 storey condominium on the site of the Joe Mercury's – at the NW corner of Dundas and Bloor. Such plans highlight the need for our community to respond effectively to the forces of development that are sweeping our area.
Development of the 1540 Bloor Street West property has profound implications for our neighbourhoods and for the GTA as a whole.
  • This intersection is a key GTA transportation hub. It joins GO transit, Bus, Subway and Street Car.
  • The Dundas-Bloor intersection marks the convergence of three main avenues and at least four neighbourhoods, including: The West Bend, High Park, Perth Lansdowne and Roncesvalles MacDonnell.
  • Development on this property will set a precedent for other development in our area.
    We need to make the most of the opportunities for neighbourhood and civic improvement that such opportunities present.
  • Local Advisory Committee Formed as Part of the Application Process
  • A 540 Bloor West Local Advisory Committee Meetings As part of the application process, the City invited a cross section of residents, business owners, building owners and others -- along with the developer -- to discuss the development in light of community concerns.

Click the link in the title to see proposed renderings of the new site.

There has been no recent update of the status of this project; but the location is ideal being on site for subway transit, and easy walk to High Park or the charm of Roncesvalles Village.

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