Thursday, August 7, 2008

Neighbours fight against Strip Club

Local Neighbourhood group in South Lakeshore is vocal about a business establishment in their midst.


Since Jay-Jay’s Inn opened a strip club on May 5, 2008 a group of residents has been working hard to research and uncover documented evidence about the strip club license granted by the City of Toronto.

After reviewing the actual application documents and Zoning ByLaws (see documents below) it appears the strip club license was granted in error.

No Strip Club License For 10 Years
We were informed that Jay-Jay’s license was a renewal of a grandfathered license, but the documentation shows it was a brand new application and license. Prior to the issuance of the current license, there had not been a strip club licensed at Jay-Jay’s for almost 10 years.

Legal NonConforming
We were informed that the license was related to a “legal nonconforming right” however the, Etobicoke Zoning Bylaw Chapter 350-9, subsection (1) states, “Discontinued Use. Any nonconforming use of a building or structure which is discontinued or unused shall not be resumed, nor shall such nonconforming use be changed to any other nonconforming use.”
No where do the words “grandfathered”, “legal nonconforming”, “continuation” or “reactivation” appear in the documentation.

Does Not Meet Current By-Law Standards
New Adult Entertainment Licences have to comply with the current Etobicoke Zoning Bylaw which states the following (Chapter 350-25, subsection G.1) “Restaurants whose operations or business include…floor shows and adult entertainment and bar restaurants, shall be subject to the following restrictions: (1) Such restaurants and bar restaurants… shall be situated not closer than ninety (90) metres from a property zoned residential.”
Jay-Jay’s is much closer than ninety (90) metres to private homes and directly across from the Woods Manor Seniors Home and we believe the license should have been denied because it did not comply with the Zoning ByLaw.

Meeting With Councillor Grimes
Residents met with Councillor Mark Grimes on Wednesday, August 6, to share this information. Mark stated he will work with the residents and advised that he will arrange a meeting in September with City officials from the City Manager’s office, zoning and licensing departments.
The question now is, will the City do the right thing and revoke the license?

Please speak out.
1. Review the documents for yourself (the documents are embedded below, simply scroll through the pages).
2. Write or phone Councillor Mark Grimes and Mayor David Miller and ask the City to correct the error that was made in granting a strip club license to Jay-Jay’s. Feel free to forward this email to the Mayor and Councillor and add your own comments. You should copy City Manager, Shirley Hoy in your emails (
Mayor Miller Contact Info: 416-397-CITY (2489).
Councillor Grimes Contact Info: 416.397.9273.
3. Add your comments at the bottom of the Blog.

After thorough review, we feel that the documentation is quite clear and that the license was issued in error. As residents who want to see a strong, family community, we believe that Council should exercise its authority and revoke the strip club license.

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