Thursday, July 3, 2008 is up and running

The new upgrades have been installed at the successor to website to

They [] have successfully integrated the features of Microsoft Virtual Earth to allow people to search by map directly off the main screen.

It is rather novel and seems easy to use.

While a great tool to understand neighbourhood values and search for listed properties, it still does not encompass the entire database available to agents. (REALTORS)

I would remind users that the database of displayed properties is permission based by the seller at the time they list their home. They choose not to display their homes for a variety of reasons. Sold listings merely drop off, so you cannot search or research sold data.

By signing up at an Agent's real estate portal it is possible to obtain the entire database of properties posted and sent directly to your email inbox on a daily basis.

But the issue is whether you would like to see and surf, or are directly interested in buying a home and making value comparisons.

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