Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Do's and Don'ts of Self Storage

Don’t wait until it’s too late to rent a storage unit. Reserve your unit at least two weeks in advance by calling us or stopping by one of our locations.
1. Don’t forget to wrap fragile items carefully and individually.
2. Don’t stack fragile items on top of each other. Instead place items like dishes and bowls on their sides and line them up.
3. Don’t pack heavy books in large boxes- they will be difficult to carry. Try smaller boxes.
4. Don’t let your items rust! Put a few drops of oil on tools and bicycles and store away from furniture.
5. Don’t store clothing in old boxes or bags. Use a wardrobe box to hang clothes in and store shoes at the bottom. Folded clothes can be stored in dressers.
6. Don’t forget to label each box for easy identification.
7. Don’t leave bulky items assembled. Disassemble lawn mowers and snow blowers and remember to empty the fuel.
8. Don’t close refrigerator doors. Keep a box of baking soda inside to keep the fridge fresh.
9. Don’t forget to use the space inside appliances for maximum storage.
10. Don’t forget to use the height of the unit to store items.
11. Don’t store mattresses flat on the floor. Instead lean them against the end wall. The same can be done with most couches.
12. Don’t leave furniture out in the open. Cover with an old sheet to prevent dust buildup.
13. Don’t put items you use frequently in a place you can’t get to easily. Store most used items at the front.
14. Don’t forget to leave an aisle down the middle of your items so you can get to everything with ease, and leave at least two inches of space from the walls to allow air to circulate.
15. Don’t forget that shelving should be placed close to the walls. Boxes and small items should be stored on the shelves.
16. Don’t leave breakable mirrors and pictures unprotected. Wrap with protective pads or use a special mirror carton and store them on end.
17. Don’t forget to stack lighter boxes on top of bigger, heavier ones.
18. Do give us a call to reserve the unit you require.

Graciously provided by Storwell Self Storage- Locations in Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Markham, and Mississauga.

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jillbeth said...

Great tips. As a buyer of abandoned self-storage units, I find that very few people actually do most of these things! I have never found furniture that has been covered, or the drawers or interiors of appliances used for storage. I'd like to put a link to this article on my blog, if you don't mind!