Saturday, December 29, 2007

Things to consider while buying a home

Before you go shopping for real estate in West Toronto or Etobicoke, you should think about what you need and want in a house. While viewing homes, you should make notes about those you may be seriously interested in.

Design issues - renovations, enough yard space, Is there room to grow?

Things to consider should include the following:

  • Is there enough room to live comfortably, including growth of your family and property?
    Does the floor plan suit your family's style of living?
  • What About planning a Kitchen renovation?
    Are there enough bathrooms?
    How do the appliances compare to what would be optimal?
    Make a list of all decor items you would like to change.
    Consider what you may want to do with the yard.
    Ample room for more than one car?
    Location issues - quiet suburb, nearby amenities, good access?

Neighbourhood features you may want to assess:

  • Schools, kindergartens, daycare and parks
    Shopping and business services
    Entertainment and outdoor activities (especially for children)
    Crime statistics/general safety
    Public transport - frequent, convenient and nearby?
    Commuting to and from work/traffic congestion
    Noise levels eg traffic, trains, especially at night
    Pollution eg smog/fumes/smells from nearby traffic/industry
    Ambiance - does the neighbourhood have a good "feel"?
    How are the neighbours looking after their homes and property?

All these issues are kept top of mind when looking at Homes.

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