Tuesday, December 20, 2016

AirBnb is finished inside Toronto condo

Now it is up to the individual condo boards to remove them from the buildings.

The condominium declaration in this case provided that the units could only be used “for the purpose of a single-family dwelling, which includes a home office . . .  and for no other purpose.” The declaration did not contain any provision which specified a minimum lease term for any rented units.

 OCSCC No. 961 v. Menzies, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice concluded that the short-term leasing of a condominium unit was in essence the operation of a hotel and thus constituted a breach of the single-family provisions in the condominium declaration and also a breach of the condominium rule that prohibited leases with terms of less than 4 months.


I think that is rather conclusive.  You?

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