Thursday, March 26, 2015

Coming Soon - Pre Marketing BUZZ

Toronto - RECENT PHENOM is the hype of a New Business advertising their arrival into a local community.   Building HYPE. OPENING SOON!  Creating a BUZZ.  Future Anticipation. It's Different for a house.

Our Toronto MLS  **forbids** us from talking about listings in advance, in that, to be valid a listing it  must be available to show.  [and Not JUST by the Seller's Agent]

The Listing Agreement (MLS contract) prohibits sellers from chatting about things too. Because doing so is NOT in [YOUR] the best interest of THE SELLER!

We have a couple listings coming soon (that will remain undisclosed until loaded onto the MLS system and OPEN HOUSE invitations are circulated). It's a challenging situation because of Fence Chatter.  Neighbours hanging over the fence and talking about how Bill and Arlene  will be Selling Soon! Despite our best efforts, the neighbours are SHARE THE SECRET with their friends and family about a house in their 'hood!

So, Now what happen's? Guess?  They already have someone "begging" to talk with them in advance.

Why is that? What's the motivation? Well of course, to pay LESS. But why? Because they KNOW there is no inventory!! And what might this mean? That the seller could expect multiple offers and the BUYERS  want avoid a BIDDING WAR thus the end run!

Multiple Offers mean you could have MORE MONEY!!

 "Supply & Demand" is a basic concept.   Buyers are willing to may more when there is less for sale.

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