Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Seniors on the Move - Smart Sizing

Seems that everyone in my peer circle is talking about their parent's houses!   Mom or Dad has finally decided to let go of the homestead. And they are looking at housing alternatives.  The dilemma becomes what to do with that stuff?

  • Donate
  • Estate Sale / Yard Sale
  • Dispose
  • Take with you to the new place
then, I received this email from Liz...

​​​​​​​Is it just me, or are a lot of seniors on the move?
This past  year, almost all of my new clients were seniors on the move. They were 'Right-sizing'. They were moving from a large home to a smaller one.
Why were they moving?  They were looking to let go of the challenges with older homes, large lots with landscaping & gardening, too much to clean & too many stairs. They were getting more 'real' with their needs now & not from the past.
My staff & I helped them to purge (unwanted items, including selling, donating & removal) pack everything & made all the arrangements for the move.Once they were in their new home, we un-packed & put away all of their belongings that made sense for the new home. Each one of them, without fail, was so glad to have made the move. We helped remove a lot of the stressors of the move & got them settled quickly.
Who do you know who, is considering 'Right-sizing' and might need some help?
Cheers, Liz
Liz Manore - President, The Company of Organizers Inc.905-467-2400www.TheCompanyofOrganizers.comFacebook: The Company of Organizers LinkedIn: The Company of Organizers Inc.Twitter: @Liztheorganizer

I read recently that any task can be accomplished if divided into half hour intensive bursts, or actually to have someone working with you to assist each decision.

Give me a call when you are ready.

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